One to three months (or up to a year) prior to move:

  1. Identify your resources
    • Who will help? Options: friends, family, professionals.
    • To find a professional: search the website for professional Senior Move Managers, (National Association of Senior Move Managers)
  2. Schedule a moving company and review personal property insurance
    • Check your homeowner’s policy to see if you’re covered during the move or need to purchase insurance through the mover
    • Consider replacement value insurance
    • Schedule moving company at least one month ahead; three for summer
  3. Draw out a scaled floor plan for your new space, and measure what you plan to take with you.
    • Make sure everything you plan to take will fit.
    • Don’t forget to leave space for traffic flow, and don’t forget vents, outlets, thermostats and cable outlets.
  4. Ship or give away items to family, friends, and charities; arrange estate sales or deliveries to an auction house
    • Establish firm deadlines for everyone, so you have time to have the rest hauled away before the move

Three weeks prior to move:

  1. Notify utilities, at both former home and new residence
    Post office, gas/oil, electric, telephones (wired and cell), alarm/security system, water/sewer, cable, internet, motor vehicles, doctors and dentists
  2. Have medical records forwarded or copied, if necessary
  3. Schedule a cleaning service for final cleaning of your home
  4. Reserve elevators, loading docks, parking spaces as necessary, for movers

Two weeks prior

  1. If you are packing yourself, make sure boxes are labeled clearly by destination room, not by room of origin
  2. Reconfirm arrangements with mover

One – two days prior

  1. Gather checkbook, credit cards, medications, jewelry, cash and equivalents, personal valuables, important papers, passports, cell phone, keys, etc.
    • Movers should not have access to these items
    • Transport these in your personal vehicle, both for easy access and security
  2. If moving your refrigerator – unload, defrost, drain, dry

Day before the move

Pack an overnight bag or moving day box as if you were going away for a long weekend

  • You won’t have to search through boxes for everything in your first days at your new home
  • Include: clothing and toiletries, first aid supplies, towels, blanket, sheets, pillow(s), flashlight, extra medications, etc.

Before the movers leave

Walk through the house, checking all closets and cabinets for unpacked items

~This cannot be a complete list, because every situation is different. However, we hope it’s a helpful guide. Happy Moving!

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